About us

The DDW-Group is an internationally active technology consulting company based in Oberhaching near Munich, Germany.


Grafik zur Erklärung der Historie


DDW are the initials of Dieter de Witte, the co-founder of the ABSC GmbH which was established in 1990. Ever since we are committed to providing high quality engineering and consulting services as well as 3D visualisations and new media services to meet our customers’ needs and expectations. With over two decades of experience in the market, the DDW-Group has established high-class technology expertise.

In order to realize full synergy potentials the founding of a holding company, the DDW-Group, was only logical. The management activities of the DDW-Group aim at

  • taking advantage of size and specialization
  • offering great financial security by pursuing an optimized financial policy
  • developing a consistent corporate strategy
  • strengthening the core competences of the member companies
  • offering a broad range of services and
  • providing vital shared services

At present about 200 specialists work under the roof of DDW-Group and offer state-of-the-art service at top level.

At DDW-Group we are dedicated to optimize our customers’ business processes, minimize costs and focus on our customers’ needs. We believe in long-term, trustful partnerships. We know how to manage projects efficiently and successfully. We and our daughter companies are proud of our projects!

Our customer base consists of multinational enterprises and medium-sized companies and covers mainly the following sectors: defence and aerospace, automotive, information technology, engineering, steel industry, communications and advertising.

DDW-Group GmbH

Sommerfeld 41
82041 Oberhaching

Tel. +49 89 63893078-0
Fax +49 89 63893078-11